Check out the latest programme here for time and locations (latest update 10-9)! Please note that this is a preliminary program and exact times or specific workshop-spaces might still change. Last minute changes during the festival will be announced at the info-desk.

See below for an overview of the different workshop with extra information

On friday from 15h-17h will be the opening of the festival and art exhibition at the Vondelbunker. The evening program will start 20.30 in the OCCII


  • “This is what a feminist looks like”: Feminism for beginners (more info)
  • D.I.Y. Bike Repair: Fix it yourself with Jeez Louise Bikes! (more info)
  • Trans-only feminism & trans-open feminism (more info)
  • Feminist theories and practises in Moscow (more info)
  • Sketch Battle (more info)
  • Intersectional feminism: incorporating other struggles into our feminist praxis (unconfirmed)
  • Make Your Own Girl Band (more info)
  • No more blurred lines: rewriting the lyrics of sexist pop songs (more info)
  • Workshop on consent & communication in our sexual contacts (more info)


  • Your Fat Is Political (more info)
  • Sexwork, Sexworkers Rights and Queer-Feminism (more info) was planned on saturday, moved to sunday!
  • Yoga session
  • D.I.Y. Metalworks (more info)
  • Men’s role in feminism (more info)
  • Organizing a response to sexual assault (more info)
  • Women’s Health & Holistic Herbal Medicine (more info)
  • Making Vulva Cupcakes (more info)

Plus there will be a two day movie programme, a space where everyone can join in making the F Word Fest zine on the spot, and ofcourse ongoing tattoo sessions in support of the fund for international action groups!


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