Click here to check out the latest program for time and locations (latest update 2-10). Please note that this is a preliminary program and exact times or specific workshop-spaces might still change. Last minute changes during the festival will be announced at the info-desk.

See below for an overview of the different workshop with extra information

      • ‘The parents will have their say!’ (more info)
      • Negotiating cultural understandings of gender: An example from martial arts on how women can act on their agency to change their positioning (more info)
      • Live sound for beginners (more info)
      • Girlhate, Femmephobia, and Radical Transfeminism (more info)
      • Organizing a response to sexual assault by Soli Group Nijmegen (more info)
      • Intersectionality and anarchism in the anti-border, student and squatting movements by Redmond Collective (more info)
      • Self-defense (more info)
      • Feminisme in Nederland: Puntjes op de I? (more info)
      • Multiplicity of desires cannot be categorized. Discussing feminist and queer pornography (more info)
      • Struggle against oblivion; struggle against patriarchy. (more info)
      • Performance making/Flash Mob: “Towards a warriors/goddesses guerrilla occupation’’ (more info)
      • My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit (more info)
      • Sexworkers rights (more info)
      • Talk / presentation by women from We Are Here, an Amsterdam based refugee action collective
      • International activist panel discussion (more info)


See what happened last year


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