2 til 12 October

This year as part of the F-Word; a fantastic feminist festival: an exciting and well, FANTASTIC exhibition will take place exploring feminism in comix.

This exhibition aims to bring a variety of feminist voices together, to create a visual platform of political as well as personal themes touching on the complexity and at times absurdity of our daily lives in a patriarchal society.

We want present comix makers with an opportunity to present work in a space which is open, free and inclusive. And to enjoy some good comix of course!

The work will be shown all around the festival spaces, as well as outdoors!

Alongside the exhibition we will print a zine / publication which will be available during the show.

Grand opening: October 2nd, 8pm, in the Occii (Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam)


Ane V
Anna Bongiovanni
B. Carrot
Hannah Kipje
Henna Rasanen
Jane P. Pucket
Jiro Ghianni
Joana Estrela
Justine Sarlat
Laura Kenins
Mathilda van Gelhuwe
Nina Nijsten
Rory Midhani
Valentine Gallardo
Verna Kuutti

and more to come!


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