Rewriting the Lyrics of Sexist Pop Songs

It happens so often: you hear a catchy tune on the radio… You feel like dancing around the house and shaking your ass to that beat… Until you stop to listen to the lyrics, which probably refer to women as ‘pussies’ or ‘hoes’, treat them like sex objects, and gleefully discuss tearing your ass in two.


The song is ruined and there will be no joyful ass-shaking for you.

So many current pop songs have incredibly sexist lyrics: they oversexualize and commodify women, completely disregard the need for consent, and generally are just full of sexist crap. But what can we do about it?

Well, we can rewrite them!

During this workshop we will take some of our favourite groovy-but-sexist pop songs and together rewrite their lyrics to finally be worthy of singing. Whether you feel like turning a song into a funny parody or an angry rant, it’s all up to you! This is a great way to turn something shitty and sexist into something empowering, and to finally get to dance to those songs you previously couldn’t even bear to listen.

And what’s best of all: there will be a chance to sing the songs, with their brand new non-offensive lyrics, during the karaoke at the Fantastic Feminist Party later that night!



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